Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012 New Year

Happy 2012 New Year !

Last year was a year full of changes inside our home. The children and I moved to a new house. I started college, lost weight and looked to the future of hope, courage and strength. 

It's been awhile since I crafted. I tucked everything away to deal with the emotional upset of my home life and spend some very needed time with my children. 

Remember when I posted about making these paper birds out of an old book... I was so excited to put these little birds together, they were just way too cute. I actually was able to display these adorable little birds for a beautiful summer wedding, where they were happily placed in the center of each table along with beautiful flowers. Took me awhile to create and craft each bird, but the end results were something to be proud of. 

Who would of thought a sucker stick and paper from an old age book could be recycled into something so adorable.

Many uses for these little birds...

Remember these adorable, Key Chains. 

We even had a blog contest and gave a few away... 

These are so easy to make and fun to attach to a birthday gift, or really any gift or give as bridal shower favors or baby shower favors. 

These key chains are so fun to create and you can use paper, fabric, really anything that has a pattern. I love the little pink bows I tied on top. 

I think my favorite one is the black scroll to the far (right) .. Love that fabric ribbon. 

I made myself a few.. I couldn't resist the colors and just how fun these were to create and make...

Seems like only yesterday I was sitting at the table wondering what I could do with an empty toilet paper roll.. I think, I had far too much time on my hands.. 

This was an easy project and the napkin rings turned out really cute. Next time,I try this, I will make them 2 inches wide. These are about 1 inch wide. 

My favorite time of the season, has got to be summer. Everything is in full bloom, beautiful and the birds sing to me every single day... 

I picked up these items at the local thrift store and turned the adorable plate into a DIY cake stand. 

I love the mix matched plates, so full of summer colors and just scream.. Garden party !

The fabric is one of my favorite fabrics. I purchased a very large bolt of this fabric for $10.00. What a bargain for me !

I have made so many craft projects using this fabric and even covered a chair and made a very adorable summer purse.. I love these sort of finds.. 

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DIY Lamp Shade

I had this old lamp shade hanging around that looked, naked.. Then I found the retro Patterns at a garage sale. Cut out the ladies and used Mod Podge to adhere to the lamp shade. 

I painted the lamp shade first, the paint was so chocolate, almost good enough to eat. The paint had a sparkle which just made this project even funner once completed. (Is that even a word?) 

I adored this little lamp with the crystal beads dangling from the bottom. Just really adorable if you ask me.. 

One of the best craft projects I think I did was the Tissue Paper Glass craft. 
I picked up the plate at Goodwill for a dollar, along with the vase which was 50 cents, the tissue paper was FREE, from Victoria Secrets. 
Using mod podge and silver finger nail polish for faux beads.. The set turned out beautiful. 
So very Shabby Chic...!

Behind the scene over here, I have slowly picked up my crafting again. I look forward to sharing my DIY fabric rosebud necklace with you all, so simple and so shabby chic..
Enjoy your New Year with your family, 


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Love the birds! And hope as you commence a new year, you are feeling more settled in, have adjusted to so many changes.

Baby Huggables said...

Thank you Sandra, There is still so much to do around here. Painting, sanding, fixing and more. I love our new home :)

Happy New Year !

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