Monday, January 2, 2012

A little bit of Crafting

This was my old studio. I think I took this picture in October of 2011, I would have to check back through my blog post for an actual date this picture was taken.  

I miss being able to grab a fabric and start to sew, miss the ease of just being able to have everything handy and right where I could find something. 

It's so frustrating to want or should I say, "NEED" to craft and have to walk all the way down to the end of my driveway where my studio is now located, waiting for a spot inside the house....

Lately, I have been in a craft mood. I have a new grand son coming at the end of February or the first few days in March.. I am so excited ! 
I must be entering into my "nesting"  OMA phase of life. This is what takes place when anyone in my family is expecting..Especially my own grown children. The birth of this new baby, will increase the number of grand children I have to "5".. and counting.. :)

That is me right now, "all smiles" ! 

I thought it would be cute to whip up a few unique baby bibs, made out of wash clothes. These are so soft and since the new baby is a boy, there is so many I could make in yellow, green, blue. 

I have a cute project for a neat gift box, thought I could display the baby bibs in the box with tissue paper and a huge big bow on top. 

My daughter, after birth, craves chocolate. Funny thing is, she takes after me... I always had to indulge in a big piece of chocolate after the birth of my babies, or some form of chocolate.. Last baby I had, was; Anthony, after birth, I had a huge piece of chocolate cake.. it was so tasty.  

I found a cute project for holding chocolate candy. 
Thought the bibs and candy holder would make a super cute after birth baby/ mom gift set. I think I will make this all natural tether as well, in pale blue.  What baby doesn't need a new tether that is all natural and soft to chew on as well. 

I do miss having my craft room handy. It's now going on 4 months since I have sewn anything or crafted anything.. The itch is slowly returning which is a welcome sign :) 

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