Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving on with our lives

I wanted to give everyone a quick update. The children and myself are doing better then what I thought we would be doing. We have been attending counseling for over two months now, which has been so inspiring and helpful to the children as well as myself.

At first when this change took place. I didn't know if I was going to be able to really dig in and make things happen, turns out I have more strength in me then I gave myself credit for. I could of never done any of this with out the leadership of God by my side !!

It has not been easy by any means, there have been many emotions to sort through, long hours of the tears, asking the question; "WHY" and listening at times to the radio full blast while alone in the car, singing along to a few of my spiritual songs. Divorce brings on so many emotions, reflections, questions, changes, perceptions of the future, being a single mother, income changes, changes for the children, not to mention the cost related ... It's been a roller coaster of a ride.. However, with that being said.. God held our hands, lead us in a brand new direction and the children and myself our finally looking forward to our new future and lives.

What use to be a fear has now been a welcome change for the future. When I use to think that being a full time mother, crafting and being alone inside a marriage was all there really was to life.. As it turns out.. That is not all there is to life at all.  I wake up happy inside each day, giving thanks to God for all that I do have. I have college to attend to full time. I love being a full time mother, always have and always will. Returning to college will only open up more doors for my children and myself along this new journey in life and nothing worth wanting for, comes easy.

I still love doing crafts, looking and touring old homes, old photo's and attending the park with the children and my grandchildren. The children and I have picked up some new found hobbies as well and love spending time all together as a family unit.

I have more exciting news that will follow, so stayed tuned for more updates.. I can't wait to share with everyone what is coming !!


Barbra said...

happy to hear you are moving forward....the only correct path!

Finding Charm said...

Oh good - Counseling is just great for everyone. It's so helpful when you've made the right connection.

Glad to hear you've been working on other projects with the kids. Looking forward to the surprise!

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