Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turning "49"

Myself, youngest daughter; Kristina, family friend; Bryan
Way back in my 20 something stage of life.. I use to think what it would be like to turn 30, then my early 40's came and went and now here I am at "49"..

Of course my girl friend who I have known for 30 years just had to text me on my birthday and tell me I was an ol bag now.. ! Soon I will be able to receive the 15% discount that seniors receive. Well, actually I already had this happen to me once.. At the time I didn't think it was so funny.. But, I saved 15% off of my purchase, which was super awesome.

My oldest son; David who is almost 27 yrs young.

My oldest son; David who will be 27 in January- Got together almost everyone in our family for a super fun time out on the pumpkin patch at a close by apple orchard. I have never had so much fun with my older children and grand babies, so many giggles and this was just the adults.

I think my son picked out a pumpkin that weighted about 50 pounds.. it was so large, on the hay ride back he actually decided to take a seat on top of his pumpkin.

Look at all these smiles (left to right)
Mirenne (grand daughter) my son Anthony
Aaron (grand son) Andrew (grand son)
Taylor (grand daughter) Makenzie; niece.

The children had so much fun all day today.

The pumpkin picking was the best.. Anthony had been sick for 2 days prior to joining the fun, so because he has asthmatic lungs, better to be safe then sorry.. Hay holds molds which he is allergic to :(

My oldest daughter; Melissa in the green top.. is expecting grand baby #6 for me.. I can't wait.!!
She does not want to know the sex of the baby at all. I told her I would come with her to her next ultra sound visit.. Guess she knows me all too well.. I can't keep those sort of secrets.. who can when it involves a new grand baby.. Either way.. I just can't wait to find out.. I will be in the delivery room, counting, huffing and then mainly crying as I have done when each of my grand children have been born. 

Here is my youngest daughter; Kristina and my own mother (in the white coat) Looking fabulous in her mid 70's, my other daughter; Whitney and her boyfriend; Josh..

Everyone had such a wonderful time. The weather was just perfect and the sun was shinning bright. Not too hot and not too cold.

I loved my Birthday with my family today ! Guess turning 49 isn't all that bad...

Here I am with my grown children..

Whitney 21, Melissa 29, David 27, myself 49, Kristina soon to be 14..

I think Anthony was rolling a pumpkin by as this photo was being taken by my mother..

I truly have been blessed with awesome children and grand children..

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Sandra's Fiberworks said...

You don't LOOK 49. I'm right behind you, come feb. People tell me I don't look 48. When did that start when people say that stuff?

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