Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our New Home

Home Sweet Home 

The children and I moved into our new house on November 5th, 2011. This picture is one of many that I took prior to painting, scrubbing and cleaning. 

Yes, the inside was a complete mess. I am very thankful that I had my mother to help me clean up the house inside as well as outside. If it were not for our hours upon hours of cleaning, scrubbing and painting, we would of never been able to move into this house. It was beyond filthy dirty inside. 

This is my mother, cleaning the huge amount of leaves from the back yard... I don't think she knows the meaning of slow down, take a break or stop.. I so admire my mother. 

She worked into late hours at night, scrubbing and painting and yet more cleaning. 

This house is very special because every where I look I know that my mother helped with her labor of love. 

This is a picture of the front living room hardwood floor. I wish I would of taken a before picture. The hardwood looked nothing like it does in this photo. The hardwood through out the entire house were all black, dirty and a complete mess. I have a feeling that the prior owners, never cleaned or ran a vacuum cleaner.

Now they are clean and beautiful !

This is part of the kitchen with dark cabinets. Look at all those cleaning supplies. Mom and I must of used over 40 rolls of paper towels. 

I felt the kitchen was too dark, so we decided to primer each cabinet and paint ... Need I say, we did the paint job in less then 48 hours. We were so worn out and our backs hurt something horrible.. 

But the pain and labor did pay off..

So much brighter.. That is my mom in the white shirt painting and my daughter; Kristina helping pitch in as well each day after school. 

The kitchen has over 24 cabinets and over 6 drawers. I would never recommend a kitchen paint makeover in 48 hours.. The end results did pay off. I have a beautiful, bright kitchen now. 

I still have painting to do above the window. I removed the curtains and don't plan on putting any back in the window. I love all the light this house has to offer.

Here is a shot of the kitchen from the other side of the breakfast bar. You can see the cabinets before and after, side by side.  

White paint screams... CLEAN...!

The oven has been replaced now. That oven was old, filthy dirty and didn't work. It caught fire while I was trying to make chili. Someone had rewired a few burners and I didn't know..

This is the new oven, sitting next to my massive black refrigerator. I love this new oven. Love the smooth top features, burners have two directional heat settings. 

I don't like the fact that the refrigerator is so close to the oven, but I was able to squeeze in a black pantry on the other side of the refrigerator. Which I needed a pantry. I found not having one, made it impossible to store everything "food" related in all the cabinets, plus pots and pans and dishes.

Here is a better view of the refrigerator and the new black oven and my clean white kitchen.. 

I am still searching out a paint color for above the cabinets and wall color. I just can't make up my mind yet on what color to select. I was thinking red, but then thought perhaps a smooth dark green would look better.. I just can't decide what would enhance my kitchen and not take away from the brightness of the kitchen right now... Pondering...!

Anthony had no trouble selecting a color for his room.. "GREEN". I thought the color turned out well after all his items were in place. However, while painting this green on the wall I thought I would go blind... the green paint is very bright. I painted his room in 45 minutes from floor to ceiling. 

I still have so many things to do.. But we are all moved in and happy here. 

The platform bed, I designed two of these and had a carpenter put the beds together. I love all the storage that these beds offer. Kristina has the other bed in her room. I designed the beds so they can be broken apart and set upright for book shelves for when the children go off to college..
I was very pleased that the carpenter I hired in Tennessee was able to put together my own custom vision for these beds. There are 8 storage cubes around the bed, three on each side and two on the end. Anthony needs lots of storage for all his toys..  

I have an upstairs, this is where Kristina is now enjoying her teenager years.. I as well have a basement. Grand children love the basement to play in... I hope to have more pictures soon of all the other rooms. 

Enjoy your blessed day today :)


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Gosh, I admire you and your mom so much for attempting all that by yourselves. That took a lot of heart and soul, but now that heart and soul is in the core of your home. May it be a house full of great love and warmth and comfort!

Raige Creations said...

WOW, you did so much in so little time. It looks great, job well done.
So glad you are more settled in your new home. Now relax a little. You are making ME tired. :)

Finding Charm said...

Looking good! Cute house. I'm about to take on the same endeavor. Enjoy!

Baby Huggables said...

Thank you all so much. I am worn out. I still have so much more to complete but I am in love with our new home.

I have always told the children, we can live anywhere because our family is what makes a home a home. This certainly is our home.

I am looking forward to our first Christmas and creating new memories.

Anonymous said...

I love what you've done! It's beautiful! Congrats!

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