Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Time

There is no other holiday I enjoy more, then Christmas. Each year the children and I drag out the old artificial Christmas tree and place each color coded branch on the fake trunk, we giggle while listening to soft sounds of Christmas music in the back ground. Yes, the smells of Christmas soon fill the air with smiles and memories.

We drag out the snowman calendar with the snow ball on the string to count down the days until Christmas.

We grab the big ball of lights and start the process of untangling all the lights, inside and outside. We giggle more and start the process of finding out which strand of lights still work and twinkle. There have been times we have had to make a run to the local thrift store to purchase extension cords. For what ever reason, we can never seem to find enough extension cords during Christmas time. I need to remember after the holiday, to rush out and buy a massive supply for next year.

Anthony enjoys setting up the manger and the fake snow in the front window. He follows the pictures on the box each year and sets up everything.  I think you can see it glowing in the window...

Christmas eve night, we turn on the Christmas Story and watch it over and over again. Despite the fact that it now runs on the television for 24 hours ... I actually have a DVD tape with Christmas commercials from over 19 years ago. It's funny to see some of these very old commercials. The younger kids get a lot of laughs from these older commercials. Last year, Anthony wanted to know if he could have one of the toys he spotted from one of these old commercials. I had to laugh really hard.. I don't think they even make the toy anymore!

What are some of the most amazing Christmas memories you have.? Please feel free to share so I may enjoy knowing more about your Christmas holiday season.

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