Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's finally over

After a long await, I am able to move on and put the past behind myself. I have grown spiritually over the last 6 months, grown independently, grown as a woman and mother too.  

I was afraid of this huge major change at first. Looking back now. I am not really sure what "it" was I was afraid of. Maybe the "loss" of thinking or believing what I thought I had, or just the "change" in general. 

I received an email in June of 2011, that my then spouse was leaving the children and myself. Yes, an email ! So many things had taken place prior to opening up this email. Too many to count. When trust is no longer the main foundation of a relationship, there is nothing left to build on or venture into. 

Trust in any relationship is what holds the relationship together for the duration of that relationship. Trust is what you come to depend on, respect and watch grow. Without trust, it's a wide open door for disrespect, lies, cheating, and so many more problems. I valued and respected "trust". It was not just another word to me, something to use, abuse and walk all over !

I am looking forward to the Ms. and not the Mrs. name I once carried. It's saying goodbye to a past that didn't deserve me or the children. It's saying hello to a whole new life and awesome memories. The children and myself, we are grateful we appreciate, respect and value the trust we have for one another. We look forward to the days, weeks and months ahead of us.  We are a family unit, small but united. There is no other place I would rather be, then right where I am. 

Thank you for making me realize in life, that it's alright to cross a new bridge with hope, faith and understanding. Thank you for giving me a new life of love, memories and challenges. Thank you for the many, many blessings the children and myself have received since that dreaded email in June 2011. 

Goodbye Mr..... 

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