Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Center Piece Craft

Christmas Center Piece Craft Project 

If you have ever wanted to design and craft a Christmas center piece, now is the time. These Christmas center pieces make wonderful gifts. 

This center piece was my Christmas gift given to me, by my oldest daughter; Melissa. 

Here are some easy instructions to get you started. 

Anywhere they sell live Christmas tree's is a place to pick up live branches. Ask for those those scraps laying around on the floor. They toss them away in the trash at the end of each hour, so why not pile some up in your arms and carry those branches home. 

What you will need: 
Branches from a Christmas tree
Wet foam ball
Pipe cleaners, green, red, white and silver
Ribbon, Christmas colors
Christmas flowers
Pine Cones

Wet your foam ball and start to place your branches around the foam ball. You will want to start with the longest branches first, then you can fill in with shorter branches, if you desire. 
Once you have all of your branches tucked into your wet foam ball, you will decide what embellishments you would like to add next. You can curl pipe cleaners and tuck those in around the foam ball, use Christmas pipe cleaners. You can use wire ribbon and make bows or just insert curl ribbon into the foam ball. You can add Christmas flowers all around for a more full Christmas center piece. 

Use your creativity and imagination when designing your own Christmas center piece. The more items you add, the fuller your Christmas center piece will become. 

These make wonderful Christmas presents to give to anyone on your Christmas list. 

Enjoy crafting today !

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