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A few Gifts for my Daughter

A few Gifts for my Daughter; Whitney

I was crafting up a storm the other day, came across a few things that I really thought my daughter would love. She just landed a new office job; "So Proud of You".. This job fits her personality, which is full of love, life and spunk.. 

She is our little comedian in our family, always so funny !

I wanted to share with you all some of the things I whipped up for her that she can take to work, or leave at home. 

Since she has a steady boyfriend.. "do I hear wedding bells off in the distance"... I did a make-over on the little box. What an adorable way to keep all those little notes, movie tickets and trinkets from your boyfriend..!

Here is a list of things you will need for the below Crafts:

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Decorative Scrap Paper
  3. Picture Frame with magnet back
  4. Upright picture frame (standing up) 
  5. Photo Frame
  6. Ribbon
  7. Scissors 
  8. Dry Eraser 
Photo Frame used as a Dry Eraser Board

This is such an adorable way to let your daughter know how much you love her.. 
Remove glass, remove everything until you see the glass in the picture frame. Cut out a piece of scrap paper to fit your matting. (my scrap has words on it) Take your scrap paper to the back of your matting. Reassemble picture frame. Use dry eraser to write something across the top and the bottom, 
This one states: "You Make My Heart Smile". I made a rosette out of ribbon that is black. [You do not have to use a mat] If you want to write on the board, do not use black scrap book paper. 

I found these little dress form coat or purse rack holders and thought, I would love to give her a new dress. My daughter loves bright colors and is very fond of "Zebra" print. I laid my scrap book paper out, turned the dress form over and traced around the full lady. I then cut out my scrap paper and hot clued the paper on to the green dress. I then, cut out another piece of scrap paper in Zebra print and put this along the top of
the dress. (Sorry these pictures are so awful, I have been in the market for a new camera) 

I added the white fringe and a classy button to top of the "glam look".. I think this little dress form will look really adorable hanging either in her office or home and when she hangs her coat up or purse, she will think about "ol  mom"... 

Easypiezie craft redo !



I would so love to take credit for this little craft, but  it's not of my own. I was scouting blogs yesterday and came across this craft. I will give credit as soon as I can remember who actually did this craft... Right now, I will blame that one of forgetting on old age... 

You can see where I cut out the dress form on the craft paper ... bla aha aha... 
This is a stand up picture frame. Dollar store, one buck.. 3.5x 5. Remove ad paper in front and lay out on your scrap book paper. Trace around outside edge and then cut with your scissors. 

I used the "Zebra" scrap book paper, .59 cents on sale at JoAnn Fabrics this week. After I slide inside the phone frame the "Zebra print paper.. I then, hot glued on a sticky note pad. I wrapped Zebra print around the photo frame, hot glued this into place, then added a Zebra ribbon in a bow and hot glued this down as well on one corner. I then added a disk strung by red ribbon. The words on the disk are those "rub and stick words" This one says; Simply The Best. 
Can you see her name on the bottom; Whitney 

I picked up 2 more frames with magnet backs at the dollar store. these are 4x5 frames. 
I used the same steps as above, cutting out different scrap paper and added ribbon bow and a button, I just cut off the shank from the back side of the button. 

She can hang this one up on her refrigerator for a quick shopping trip. I think these are so adorable and will make great gifts for teachers, mommies, girl friends.. or for your beautiful daughter.. 

Here is another one I did using the same instructions as above, only I took a small portion of the ribbon and made a loop, this way I can always have a pen handy for writing down what I need while looking through the refrigerator.. Salsa, Ice Cream, all those goodies. 

My name is displayed along the bottom with peal and stick letters, JoAnn Fabrics, $2.50.

I think these crafts turned out really cute. What do you think? If you make anything from above or from anything on my blog.. Please use my; "Contact Us" link from above and send me pictures.. I would love to see your own crafts as well..

Happy Crafting Today !

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