Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paper Cone Wreath

I have an eye for "art" .. Would love to take the credit for this idea.. But you need to hop on over to Pinterest and check out the Paper Wreaths. In all honesty, I did not see the one I made on Pinterest. 

I have a wall that is bare, with nothing on it at all. I wanted something huge to fill the space and bring new life to the wall when entering from the back door.. Let me know what you think about my paper cone wreath. 

If you ever want to create one of these paper cone wreaths for your own home.. Here is how I did the one above. 

Buy an old book from the Dollar Store. Yes, the one above, had 300 pages on the presidents. I did glance inside and tried to read the first few paragraphs, trust me, the book is serving it's purpose on the wall now.. 

I purchased a green basic wreath for my foundation at the dollar store as well. However, all you really need to do is cut out some card board to a desired round circle. This will work and save you the dollar. You can make your circle as big as you would like or as small as you would like. My own was about 8 inches round. 

Take the book, tear out every single page. My book had 300 pages. (sorry I forgot to take pictures while I was making this so you could see the instructions as I go along) 

Once you have all the pages tore out of the book. Take 8 pages, now cut those in half. 
You are going to use these pages to cover your circle, front and back. You can hot glue these on because it's the quickest way to adhere the paper to the circle frame. Continue to hot glue the strips of paper around the wreath until the circle is fully covered. 

Again, tear about 20 pages in half, roll up like a tube and hot glue these around the center. Once I had these all in place, I laid my hands on the row all the way around to push down so they were not all standing straight up. Take your remaining pages, start at one corner and roll up (like a cigar) and hot glue the corner down. 
Once you have a cigar shape, you are going to glue this behind the tubes that you just glued down. You will keep doing this over and over again, going all the way around the circle. You are going to create about  4-5 layers of cigar shape paper cones and hot glue each one down. 

After I was all completed with all the cigar shapes, or cone shapes and had everything glued down really well. I took  black fabric paint and put this inside a squirt bottle and added warm water and sprayed the whole entire paper wreath. (Since my book was NEW, not old, I wanted this wreath to appear older.. Since this is paper, the black paint mixed with water will absorb. I waited until the paper was dry, and sprayed the whole wreath again with the fabric paint and water mixture. Some of the pages of this book, now appear to be really old. I love how the paint laid on the paper darker in some areas, lighter in other areas. 

Since this is PAPER.. I would not recommend hanging something like this on your front door, unless you spray paint the whole wreath with a water proof top coat.. Other wise, your wreath will become like the nasty old witch in the; Wizard of Oz.. "Help me, I am melting" ...

I did add a huge organza bow in black and added this bow to the center of this wreath.. it's very artsy to say the least and turned out HUGE.. to fill the gap on the blank wall..

Here is the wreath while under construction.. See all the different layers.. Love this. (See how white the paper actually is) the paper from this book was WHITE..

Please let me know, if you decide to take on this wonderful 2 hour Paper Cone Wreath. I would love to see pictures of your own and post these pictures to my own blog. 

Happy Crafting :) 

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Deni Breitenbach said...

This is wonderful! I did "pin" it with Pinify...

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