Saturday, October 30, 2010

Barbara Billingsley- October 16th, 2010

 It was sure a very sad day to learn that Barbara Billingsley passed away. I so enjoyed watching "Leave it to Beaver" while growing up. Still to this day I find some form of comfort from just watching the show, despite the re-runs are really old now. 

Barbara Billingsley on the show, was set to be much like the character she played as June Cleaver. She had two (2) boys to raise, she was a working mother and she spent time with her family and raising her children. Despite being very beautiful, she made cleaning a home and taking care of a family look very easy. She always managed to do this with grace, charm and beauty. 

I read upon the many post concerning her death, that she spoke about the outfits she wore while playing June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver. Barbara said the outfits some of which came from JC Penny's. Were not all that expensive or bank breaking. I was not allowed to take the clothing home she said, but enjoyed wearing the clothing that was provided for me. Barbara as well spoke about the reason behind her pearls. She said, I had to wear those because I have a deep hallow in my neck and when the camera hit my neck, it left this awful shadow. So the pearls were just a way to reflect the sound lighting and that was really all there was for the reason behind me wearing pearls. 

Barbara Billingsley appeared on many other TV specials and programs and in movies as well. I will sadly miss Barbara and think about her life and her role as a real mother and TV mother when I tune in to watch "Leave it to Beaver" 

Barbara Billingsley passed away in her home with those who really loved her. She was 94 when she slipped quietly away. 


Unique Baby Gifts said...

She will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I so agree. She was a beautiful lady inside and out,.

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