Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY Dessert Stand

I have been admiring these adorable dessert stands for awhile now.. They sell for a lot of money online and in retail stores. I figured I could tackle the challenge and come up with something on my own.

One cute adorable plate from (GW) $1.00, one stand from (GW) another $1.00, glass glue $3.00 

Wash and dry plate and stand, allow to dry. Turn plate upside down. Place glass glue along the brim of the top of the stand. Push down onto the center of the plate... 4 minutes later, an adorable Dessert Stand for $5.00

See the rose on the top of this plate.. so darn adorable.. I just had to have this plate. See the napkin rings. DIY for totally free. Which I will explain how to do these napkin rings in another post. The napkin rings took 10 minutes... so cute. 

Well,  if you have been following my blog you understand I never can just make one of anything... so then I found this cute plate as well and candle stick holder.

Nothing like a little Shabby Chic Dessert Stand.. Love the blue on this and the candle stick, looks worn and used.. the two are a match made in shabby chic heaven.. 

I just couldn't stop at this point. This cost me a total of $3.00 more dollars.. I am still ahead of the game and only spend $8.00, I have still saved myself a ton of money..

On with the next dessert Stand... help someone stop me.. tee-hee.

Then I found this super swirl green plate and brass off green candle stick holder.. the two were another fine match made in Shabby Chic heaven.. Oh so adorable.. Another $3.00 spent. I am now up to $11.00 bucks. 

I think the more I make, the more idea's I am coming up with on just how to use these. For cookies, brownies, cup cakes, candy, the list is endless... 

So are you wondering now, how many did I actually make of these  adorable Dessert Stands. 

I think I ended up making about 8 of these adorable cake stands. Each one, different and unique from the other.. trust me, these are so addicting to make. Look around at garage sales for candle stick holders, small little wire pieces that you can turn upside down for a base.
Here is another plate, with a wine glass as the base. 
Anything is possible to use as a stem to hold up your own Dessert Stand. Just match the two together and make sure the plate will accommodate the stand. After all, you don't want to put the two together and then find out that your plate is far too big for the stand and it's now leaning over and your goodies on top are falling all over the place. 

Super cute gathered for an outdoor Sunday Brunch, or Baby Shower, or for a Birthday Party. I even thought I could use one to hold my jewelry

I think in total, I spent around $15.00 to make all of the desert stands I did make, far less then the cost of just one dessert stand which runs about $25.99 up to $85.99 online and in retail stores.. 

See the one with the red beads on top, that is a glass under neat as the stand and I used the glass glue to adorn all the glass red beads along the side of the glass and along the brim of the plate. I could use this for Santa during Christmas for cookies :)

No matter what you do today, enjoy crafting inside your own home or studio. 

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