Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wooden Place Mat

While out shopping at GW, I happened to find these round wooden large disc. I thought, what in the world could I do with these... There were 12 of them, so I grabbed all 12 for under $3.00

The next isle over, I happen to see a stack of larger decals for walls. Hum...
Each box was marked at $2.00, so I grabbed all 4 boxes, these boxes were brand new by the way. Never opened and never used.. So love the GW.

I carried everything home and got out the spray paint and painted one large wooden disc. Then placed the decals on the disc and then sprayed a clear coat of varnish on top, allowed the varnish to dry... Presto, instant wooden place mat for my grand children.

I was not sure I wanted to cover the wood, so I did a few unfinished with just the decals.. I thought the elephant was adorable..

I still have a few of the large disc left, have any idea's what I could use these for ?  If you have any idea's for me, just leave me a post. I would love to hear your own creative idea's... 

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