Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toenail Makeover

I don't have the cute little toe's that I would like to have.. They are on the short side and now curved, one broken toe and one chipped nail. I wore tap shoes from the time I think I could walk for years, and a size too small. Guess when my feet started to grow, I didn't bother to want or get a new pair of tap shoes.  Yes, that is a tattoo on my foot, it say's; "Ed" (that is my husband's name).. My commitment to our reuniting some 9 years ago. When ever I look down, it reminds me of the day we actually met after being apart for more then 23 years... Oh, don't get me wrong, it hasn't been a bed of roses.. but we have plunged through the hard spots and managed to get over some really major  hurdles along the last 9 years.. "together" and yet sometimes "alone" as well.

So back to my toes.. Mine could use the makeover.. What a better way then to pocket the savings for something else, bend down and take on this challenge myself. The bending down part, that was the hardest part.. lol, ya my tummy rolls get in the way now of really getting close to my toes..Oh the days of being slim, so miss those size 8 days..

I picked up the nail polish for $1.00 and as well the little decals for $1.00, so that just saved me around $28.00. Around here, it cost between $30 - $35.00 to have the toes treated like the queens they are.. The flip flops I happened to purchase at Walgreen's for $5.00. ( I loved the pattern in silver against the black)

We as mothers, sisters, aunt's, girl friends, our feet go through a lot... why not take a few moments and treat yourself to a toenail makeover on a budget and pocket the savings for something else you really need..

Soak your feet in a warm sea salt & tree tea oil bath for 10 minutes, wipe off your feet with towel, dry each toe nail. Now is the time to dig out your buffer and do the heels, sides and bottom of your feet. Apply a good all natural skin lotion, allow lotion to absorb and then reapply the lotion so your feet are very soft to the touch.

Apply your toenail polish, allow to dry. Lay the decals on each toe carefully, press down on each one. Cover with a base coat of clear nail polish. That's all there is to your own toenail makeover. Smile, you just saved yourself money for something else that your family or yourself could use for another time and you just spent 10 or 15 minutes alone, relaxing...

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