Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Camping out on a budget

Last year I was walking by the end cap at Walmart and happened to spot this tent marked down for $55.00

I took the big box up to the register and the price rang up for $199.00. I told the cashier, "that isn't the correct price" so she called the manager over. The manager went back to the end cap to check on the price then returned to the register. The manager told the cashier to ring up the tent for the price of $55.00  (that it was marked at the wrong price) as an employee had put the wrong price and the wrong tent on the end cap. But because of Walmarts policies, they sold me the tent for the lower price.

Check those end caps for specials and deals.. You just never know what you might find on sale by mistake..

Looks like my Oscar found a huge dog house.. looks very comfortable doesn't he.

Garage sales are another great place to find all sort of tents during the year for sale. Want to camp out in your back yard? Scout those garage sales, tag sales, flea markets and online. Have a bomb fire inside a fire pit and roast some marshmallows and your children will have so much fun.. We played games the night we camped out. How many fire flies can one catch in 5 minutes.. it was so much fun.

I spy a picture game.. Find an older book with older items inside that you children can spot inside the picture. I made a list of things, such as Packard.. Each child would take turns making a guess of what the item name was.. so much fun to do before the sun goes down or while inside the tent with a flash light.

 Grab that old recipe book and give a try at making something different. So many delish things to try and sample :)
Despite my growing waist line.. that is another story..

Your family can join in on the prep and cooking fun.

No matter how old or young your children are, there is something about past history that is so fascinating. Even as an adult I enjoy looking back through the past and things of yesterday..My family has a huge past history.

This is a great time to talk about your own grandparents, and the family history that you know of that you can share. This time spent with your family, your children will cherish for a life time.

Make memories, take pictures and create your own binder book that you can pull out and look through later on down the road. Treasure this time with your own family and enjoy your own back yard camping out on a budget.

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