Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Couture Baby Hat

I am sure you have seen these baby hats at some major retail stores. They are very expensive, although really adorable I wondered if I could tackle this project..

I purchased the stretch hat from a craft retailer online. Since I use to own a ladies purse store, I still have my contacts :)

This hat cost me $1.00, well I had to buy a dozen, but at the time, this was a super buy ! I am sure craft stores sell this sort of hat by the single purchase.

If you look close, you can see pink tulle behind the rose and some ribbon. To make this rose, take 3 pieces of fabric about 20 inches long (for each piece of fabric) you are going to braid the fabric as if you were braiding hair. Once you are finished. Knot the end, you might have to undo a few rows of braid to do this. Once you have your knot, now pull the knot really hard to tighten the knot. Take the knot and start twisting around and around until you have a rose. Glue this to a piece of fabric, then glue your tulle and ribbon under this.

Your Couture Baby Hat is now complete for your baby to wear, or to give as a gift.
Happy Crafting inside your home today or studio. 

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