Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cute Clutch Bag

I keep my eyes open for unique pieces that I can create different things with. I happen to spot this fabric on the clearance isle of our local department store. Nope, it's not from a major fabric retail store.. Can you guess what this use to be ?

If you guessed a place mat, you are correct... Yes, this once was a place mat for a kitchen table. I was able to purchase this for .50 cents on clearance. It already had the darker trim around the outside..

Want to make one of your very own... Here is how. Fold the place mat into 2 sections, one for the bottom, one for the top. Your top section will be smaller then your bottom. Use thread that will match your trim and sew right along side the trim, as close to the edge as possible with out running off. (Your flap top will be open) so you are not sewing this part).

Now you have a super unique clutch that you can carry.. Oh wait the embellishment on the front flap.. I almost forgot to tell you how to create this rose. I took 3 pieces of actual fabric in 3 different colors and braided the 3 pieces together. ( like you would long hair) and then rolled it up real tight and glued this to a brown ribbon. then attached the brown ribbon to the front flap of the clutch with a broach pin. (this way it can be removed prior to tossing into the washing machine)

Look around the clearance isles at your local department stores for place mats and make your own unique clutch bag for yourself, a friend or for a gift.. They are super cute and easy to make.

Happy Crafting today in your own home or studio  

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