Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wooden Craft Serving Tray

For awhile now, I have used this as my craft tray. Really dull huh... glue all over it, marks, chips. I happen to pick up this wood tray at GW for around a $1.00.

This wooden tray has been featured in a few of my craft projects that I have done. Usually one of my vintage bowls sits on top of this tray with a paint brush in prior blog post I have done.

I just felt like it needed something... by now if you have been reading through my blog, you know I can't just leave things as they are...

I was at my local post office when I spotted this FREE magazine concerning stamps from all over. I glanced through the inside while waiting in line. I loved the bright colors of the stamps and just the book. Bright colors really seem to get to me some times, but this book, wow.. very vivid and the history of the stamps was very fascinating to say the least.

Then I had an idea.. Oh yea, my wooden craft serving tray.. !!

Cutting out each stamp took awhile but wow, it was sure starting to change my wooden craft serving tray.

Of course my mod podge was a little help as well. Allowing this to dry out in the sun for about an hour. Then I noticed all the brown mod podge on the brown trim around the sides. I could of left it like this, but it just needed something else....

Yes, silver paint.. but wait, it's not paint out of a can... or a spray paint.. But FINGER NAIL POLISH.. yes, I paint with finger nail polish all the time in my crafts. Finger nail polish is cheap, comes in all sort of colors and if you can get paste the smell (even in a well ventilated room) you can get by with painting wood pieces or smaller items.

A gloss covering later on and I have a brand new wooden craft serving tray. Now when I set my crafts on top of this serving tray, I will think about all these stamps and the history behind each stamp. Plus it gives me something unique to look at while I do my craft projects.

Enjoy crafting today at your home or studio :)

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