Monday, May 16, 2011

Toddler Jewelry

If you have a little one at home (around age 4 on up) that would like to wear there own jewelry. This is a fun craft that both of you can enjoy.

You can pick up these pre-designed tiles at JoAnn Fabrics or any craft store. Purchase beads, and then jewels, along with ribbon. I used fabric scraps on the reverse side of mine, plus some tulle.

Here are the instructions: 

Take your tile, turn it over, select your ribbon and glue on the back of each tile. Lay your fabric over the ribbon and glue in place as well. Slide bead down ribbon and then tie a few knots close to the bead, this way it will prevent the bead from coming off or being able to go into the mouth where it does not belong.

Hot glue your jewel on the front. That is really all there is to making these adorable toddler jewelry pieces. They are so adorable and your little one will really appreciate wearing her own diva jewelry that she helped create.

I did add some tulle for a more diva effect. (you can add ribbon, tulle, then a fabric scrap. Mix and match and create each tile unique)

The ribbon gives the neck a soft wear for your little one. As I have always said to my children while growing up, you can only wear your pj's to bed. Anything else, has to come off. So please be safe and do not allow your little one to wear this to bed at night.

These are great to make for a birthday party for favors or as gifts to give out to each little girl. Or do as a craft at a birthday party.

For added security, I add a dot of hot glue on the ribbon prior to sliding the bead into place. Then my knot is hidden under the bead, rather then sitting on top of the bead.

Have fun and let your creative side come out today. Learn to craft and enjoy your talents.

This tutorial is for person use only and may not be duplicated for retail sales. 

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