Monday, May 16, 2011

Kindergarten Yarn Graduation Tassels

Last year I was approached by my son's kindergarten teacher. She wanted something for all the caps the children in the class had made for graduation. I said, why not some Graduation Yarn Tassels. 

Oh, the teacher said, do you know how to make these.. Not sure at the time, but I figured how hard could it be to make over 50 of these little tassels... One for each child's hat, one for each child to keep as a memory. 

Let me tell you, it took me several hours to make all these little tassels, but the efforts were worth it all the following week for kindergarten graduation. 

You are going to need yarn. Yarn comes in so many colors. We needed white for the school my son attended. I am using red here so you can see what I am doing. (White just would not show up) I think my camera has the blur thing going again... Anyways, a small piece of card board. Cut a slip in both ends. (see my cardboard) 

Your card board can be any size. To make the tassels shown (in white) you will need a card board piece that is about 3 inches long by about 2 inches wide. Or you can opt to make your tassels longer, just increase the length of your card board by one inch. 

Start in the middle of your card board with your yarn. What you are going to do is start wrapping your yarn around the card board by going up and over to the other side where the notch is located.

You are going to keep doing this, until you have a fair amount of yard on your card board. 

*No need to use tape, it will be impossible to remove later on. 

Here is me wrapping the red yard back and forth over the card board.. I made my tassels very thick for this event. But you can make them any size you wish. Just don't make them really big, they will be too heavy on the children's little paper caps.

Remove your yard from the card board, by slipping it off one end. Don't undo it, other wise you will have to start all over again by wrapping it back around the card board. 

Cut off a sting of yarn. You will need this to tie around the top to form the top half of the tassels. 

Take the sting that you cut off and wrap it around the top going in two different directions, then tie and tie again. Move the knot to the back of the tassel.  Cut the bottom loop of yarn, then even out the yarn at the bottom of the tassel. 

Now for the "year", I hit the party supply store and purchased confetti that came in a bag. Think it was under a few dollars. I separated the colors in my confetti so there would be just the right amount for the students in the class. The school colors were white and purple. So half the class received white "year" and the other half of the class received the purple "year". 

I glued each "year" on that knot you moved to the back. You can use fabric clue or a glue gun to attach the "year" to your tassels.

These are so darling to make for your child's school or just make one for your own child to put inside the baby book as a memento of his or her kindergarten graduation.

Happy Crafting 

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