Monday, May 16, 2011

Pringles Can Bracelet

Oh the days of shabby chic.. from a Pringles Can.. Yes, anything is possible if you put your mind and craft skills to good use. Oh, and some fabric glue. 

This is a super fun craft to do if you have a little girl in your house or pre-teeners or teenagers. Or you would just like to make a few for yourself.. 

Lets get started.
Supply List :

One tall Pringles Can
Fabric Glue
Sharp Cutting Knife
Buttons or embellishments to decorate 

*Wonder why the Pringles Guy has a funny mustache ? He has no mouth by the way, did you notice this ? 


Take your sharp knife (do not allow any child to do this part) 
Cut off the bottom of the Pringles Can. Save this for later on, you might need it as a little cup to put your fabric glue inside :)

Start cutting through the Pringles Can and make mini rings, several of them if you have a bunch of girls that are partaking in this wonderful Pringles Can bracelet project. 

You can make the cut any size. I just eye balled my cuts. But if you would like to be exact on your cuts, then you would have to use a marker to line where you will cut, prior to actually cutting each ring. 

Set the ring aside for just a moment. Now, grab your fabric. You are going to roll your ring along your fabric (length wise) I made a mark inside my ring with a marker prior to rolling out length wise on my fabric. This is to establish how much fabric you will need to cover your ring that you just cut from your Pringles Can. 

Start rolling at the end of  your fabric and watch the inner mark inside your ring to determine how much fabric you will need to wrap around your ring.

If your ring is one inches wide, then you will need about 2.5 inches wide of fabric. You will need this much to cover the outside, as well as the inside. 

Spread a thick layer of fabric glue along the outside top of your ring from your Pringles Can. You want to do this in about a two inch working area, other wise your fabric glue will start to dry.. Don't want that now do we. 

Oh lord, look at my finger nails all covered with glue.. If you are glue shy, better grab a pair of gloves with the tips cut out. You will need your fingers for the next part. 

Spread the fabric glue over the area you will be attaching your fabric to. You will need to spread the fabric glue thin, if possible, so your fabric is not all lumpy on top of your ring.

Remember, work in a small section at a time while working with your fabric glue. It dries very quickly and it becomes very very tacky.. 

See the tops of my thumb nail.. glue..!!  

Make sure to center your fabric on your ring, so you have enough for the top of your ring and plus the inside.

Once you have placed all your fabric on the top part of the ring.. smooth out as you go around the ring with your fingers. Removing any lumps, bumps of fabric glue. 

Just keep smoothing... all the way around your ring of covered fabric. 

You are going to take your scissors and start cutting into your fabric up to the ring. But not so close you cut your fabric on the outer part of your ring. 

Cutting these slits into your fabric, will help you be able to fold your fabric to the inside of your ring. 

Do this on both sides of your ring. 

Take your fabric glue and run a small bead inside your ring and then smooth out with your thumb. Working in small sections, Push your cut pieces down into the inside of your ring (as shown in the picture) 

Once you have pressed all the inside pieces down into your fabric glue. Allow ring to dry for about 10 minutes. After the drying process. You can add your embellishments, if your heart desires or nothing at all. 
This is a button, I just cut off the shank and used my hot glue gun to attach it in the center of the ring. 

No one will know you are wearing a Pringles Can Bracelet.. shhhhhh, I promise I won't tell anyone !

This is for personal use only, not for resell.  

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