Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY Napkin Rings

I have seen a thousand or more napkin rings and wished I could buy them all. Ok, that is a true fanatic when it comes to seeing really adorable retail items.. But why pay retail for something adorable and so shabby chic, when you can DIY it yourself for next to nothing..

The actual "napkins" I picked up at a local tag sale last year all six of the napkins for $1.50.. that was a huge major savings compared to how much a retail store can charge for just one.. Lucky me :)

If you have 10 minutes, hot glue and fabric.. I will show you how to make these.. You are never going to guess what they are made out of.. Keep reading..

Step One:
If you have toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, save them or go scouting around for a few right now in your home..

I see I forgot to swap out my glue here.. ops, technical error on my part.. I switched to a glue gun, hot temp one so this DIY napkin ring project would go a lot faster for me.

Ready, lets start this super cute DIY Napkin Ring craft project.

Scrap of fabrics in any colors.. seriously, why stop with just one set of napkin rings, when you can make many all at once.

Step 2:

You can cut your napkin rings to any size. I actually cut my own at one inch wide. You can mark the outside of the toilet paper roll with black marker prior to cutting the separate rings if you would like.

Step 3

You will need to cut the ring open, because if you leave them the way they are, the opening is far too large. But on the other hand, if you have larger, thicker napkins. You might opt to skip this part all together.

Step 4

Use your hot glue gun to place glue under the flap and hold this flap down until your glue has dried. Hot glue will hold better and faster then fabric clue. So if you are trying the fabric glue (give up) it's not going to be a strong enough glue to hold down the flap.

Step 5

Mark inside your ring when the glue has dried. See my mark on the edge of my fabric. You are going to need to do this so you will be able to roll your ring along the fabric and cut the fabric when you end.

Step 6

I have reached the end of my fabric, now I will cut my fabric because I know that the fabric length will be enough to go around my ring.

If you have 1 inch rings, you will need 2 inches wide of fabric. If you would like 2 inch rings, you will need 4 inches wide of fabric.

Once you cut one for one ring, use this piece as a templete to cut more fabric for the additional rings you will be making. This will save you time from having to roll each ring along the fabric again and again.

Step 7

You can use fabric glue, but I did  opt to use my glue gun, which made this process go much quicker and less mess all together. If you use fabric glue, make sure to spread the fabric glue all the way around your ring. (if you use hot glue gun, use a small amount of glue, going from side to side in one small section on your round ring)

Place ring in center of fabric and roll.. keep rolling until you come to the end. Fold end over and glue on to ring.

Step 8

Cut slits in the fabric, all the way around up to the ring. Place hot glue inside the ring, or fabric glue and spread your fabric glue out to a thin layer. Take one slit and push it to the inside. Continue to do this until all the slits are facing inside the ring. See Here for more information on how to cut the slits into the fabric.

Add your embellishments to the top of your napkin ring and there you go.. new napkin rings for next to nothing that are so darn adorable.. I took a wet wash cloth and wiped my rings off, they had a little bit of glue on them.
(The embellishments I used are glass, think they use these for fish bowls, but I found 3 large bags at GW for $2.00 and use these for many crafts)

Enjoy creating this super DIY Napkin Rings for next to nothing for your next party...
Shhhh.. no one will know they are made from an empty toilet paper roll.. 

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