Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Couture Key Chains

These are really super cute and very easy to make.

You can buy the photo key chains here
You will need the following:
Ribbon, Paper, Fabric, wrapping paper, photo's, etc,  scissors.

These photo key chains come in a dozen, so this is great if you are having a baby shower, girls birthday party, for a house warming, can be used as a couture luggage tag as well. You can as well place a photo inside

These photo key chains are all the same size. They come complete as shown, so you don't have to buy anything else or add the key ring to them.

I think these are around $4.99 for a dozen. Which is a great savings when you are giving them out as little gifts, or using them for personal or for vacation tags on your luggage. So many idea's for such a wonderful little couture product.

These key chains come with a little plastic window that you can remove. I had to rock mine from holding the top right corner, the bottom far left corner and sort of twisted until my window snapped out.

(there might be an easier way to get the window out, but this was the quickest way for me )

Once you have the window out, if you are going to make several of these, pop the window out on all the key chains at this time, it just makes the process go faster along.

Take your ribbon, paper, fabric and place the clear window that you just snapped out of the key chain. Hold into place and now trim with your scissors around the clear window.

You will need 2 pieces cut of fabric, ribbon or paper. One for the front of the window, one for the back of the window.

(here I am using ribbon) once again glue on my thumb nail... seems to be the story of the week for me around my studio. Picking and picking  glue off of my nails :(

Now I have 2 pieces of ribbon here cut. You might have to make a few more cuts on your ribbon to make sure both pieces will lay flat inside the small empty cut out inside the key chain.

These are very addicting to make as well..

Lay one of either your fabric, ribbon or paper, facing away from you. This will be one side. Lay your ribbon, paper or fabric on top of this piece and put the clear window back on. I had to tap my clear top into place on all 4 corners, because ribbon is just a little thicker then say cotton fabric or paper.

Adding a ribbon bow.. Send it through the top where the triangle and round key ring meet. Then you will need to knot your ribbon as I have done here.  (this will hold your bow in place)

Then take one piece of ribbon and create your small little bow. There is no need to create a knot as if you were going to tie a shoe per say. So you skip the knot part. Just two loops and form your bow.

These are great for tweeners (age 8-14) to make if having a sleep over, this way they can take something home with them from the sleep over as a keepsake.

If you have teenage girls, this would be fun to use old photo's of the girls, or pictures of each other that can be printed out on photo paper from home.

Great for any graduation or perhaps even a small token for a wedding. The idea's are endless and very inexpensive to make several..

Have super fun making these super cute couture key chains.. I think I will go make more with wrapping paper  and use it as the topper for the gift box.  Enjoy crafting inside your own home or studio today. 
*please use these instructions for personal use only*

Happy Memorial Day !


Winona said...

Sherri those are so cute! How creative! I will definitely have to make some of these. Thank you for posting! :)

sweetaromas4u said...

I love the keychains Sherri! They are super cute! They have your personality writter all over them! Thanks for sharing them with us all!

Finding Charm said...

So simple! Thanks for sharing the tip.

Baby Huggables said...

Thank you all, I finally figured out how to fix my blog so I could post a reply.

I so love these key chains, they are super fun to make and give away as gifts really to anyone. Would be cute on top of a wrapped package as well.

Love the fact that each one cost only pennies to make :)

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