Monday, May 30, 2011

A Small Child's Flower Garden (part 2)

Can you believe already we are past the 10 day mark on growing our flower garden. This is my little boy and he was so excited to be helping create his own flower garden. If you are new to our blog, you can read about a Child's Flower Garden here.

I wanted to document the days of the flower garden for my own son, this way we would always have pictures to remind us both the time we spent together creating this wonderful flower garden. When the flowers start to bloom, that will be really wonderful.

Creating a flower garden book: Take a picture each day with a card on the front, stating the month, day and year. Once you have all of your pictures taken, simply upload all of your pictures to an online book publisher, such as, where you can write a story about the summer you created a beautiful flower garden. Once you have created the book, you can ship the book directly to your house in your child's name.. how fun to see the delight on your own child's face to receive a book that talks about the time you helped create a beautiful flower garden together.

 Day 1 
 Day 2 
 Day 3 
 Day 4 
 Day 5
 Day 6 
 Day 7 
 Day 8 
 Day 9 
 We had 13 days of rain, so I had to lay some plastic over the top of the boxes, hoping that the seeds would not drown in water.. finally our sun returned and as you can see on May 19, 2011, still no flowers to speak of on day 10. But I will continue taking pictures every single day until all the plastic boxes are filled with flowers. Write up a short little story about the spring of 2011 and name the book in my son's honor. Something we can share and read together at night, something he can cherish for a life time and maybe one day read this little story to his own children :)

Enjoy crafting inside your own home or studio today :)  

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