Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A small Child's Flower Garden

I ran into a bunch of these plastic containers at the local thrift store. I got them on sale for just .20 cents each.

I think I had some that I use to keep my shoes in and old Christmas cards.  These are the smaller plastic containers.

This is a super great project if you have smaller children at home and you would like to have them do something fun and rewarding.. 

I ran into these box of flowers at Walgreen's for just a buck.. Later I saw the same box at another store for a much higher price.. So I picked up a few boxes for this project.

A small bag of potting soil for this project is needed as well.. 

This is my little helper for the day, my youngest son; Anthony.. Yes, he has a temporary tattoo on the side of his face ( I think it was left over from a Christmas Craft) but don't tell him.. 

Have your child fill up the small container with the potting soil, about half way up. 

Add your box of seeds. I used about 1/4 of the box and then put more potting soil over the seeds.

Soak with cold water all the way through so your soil is wet. 

Now we wait 10 days to see how these flowers turn out.. if all goes well, we will have 3 plastic containers of beautiful summer flowers.. which I will transfer to this newly spray painted container..

Saving this tutorial for another time.. I did pick this beauty up curb side shopping, but it didn't start out looking like this.. 

I will transfer the flowers we planted today into this yellow flower container.. This is a super fun project for kids and it's very inexpensive to do. I think I spent a total of $6.00 to do this whole project and Anthony can't wait until the flowers start to bloom :)

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