Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little Bird watching and Bird House Craft

Our local library has a room in which they sell used books for a fraction of the retail price. I love to stop in there as I never know what I will find. The other day, found this Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the North American Birds. The original cost for this book was $49.99. I was able to snag this book for $1.50 

Little Anthony, he is all about Birds in our back yard, watching them and trying to sneak up on any bird to see if he can capture the bird.. Thank goodness the birds in our backyard are really quick. We don't need a bird as a pet around here.. 

Seeing this book made me think of Bird Houses.. 
I had found this wooden bird house at our local Goodwill store and picked it up for $1.50 (it was half price day when I shopped that day)  I never know what goodies I will find at our local GW.. it's a bargain paradise. 

Unfinished Bird House.. I could do many things with this bird house, but I wanted to do something really unique. I have tons and tons of scrap fabric. My fabric scraps have there own drawer, nicely folded and separated by colors and then styles of fabric. I keep adding to the drawer as well.. 

Thinking... thinking... Bird House.. Fabric Scraps... equals...

If you would like to create a unique bird house with fabric scraps.. here is how

Supply list: 
Wooden Bird House, any size will do. Make sure your bird house has a teared roof. (as mine above did) 
Spray Paint, any color your heart desires
Craft Paint
Mod Podge
Paint Brush, one flat and one round sponge 
Fabric Scraps in different sizes, colors. 
Small container for mod podge and fabric paint
Nail, hammer, or wire for hanging up in a tree

Paint your bird house using the spray paint you have selected, allow to dry for a few hours.. 
Next you are going to take your craft paint and round sponge, and slightly dip your round sponge into your craft paint, then you are going to lightly go over the front and rear of your bird house with the round sponge.
(do you see the light pink round sponge paint on the front of my bird house) look closer.. 
Allow this paint to dry really well.. You will be handling your bird house after this step a lot, so you want to make sure your paint is very dry.. 

Next, once your bird house is dry... get out your mod podge and using a small container pour or squeeze your mod podge into the container. I like to mix mine with just a few drops of water, stir up and began to lay your fabric across the top of the bird house. (you want to work from top to bottom)  adding each fabric one at a time. Paint mod podge on the wooden bird house, under your fabric as you go. This will help secure your fabric to the wooden bird house.  When you come to a corner or edge, simply trim your fabric back and then tuck under the over hangs of the bird house, using your mod podge first then tuck your fabric. Keep doing this until your entire bird house is covered with your fabric scraps. Once you are satisfied with the fabric on your bird house. Allow your bird house to dry. I sat this bird house out in the sun for a few hours.. it doesn't take long to dry outside. ( Speaking of outside, you are going to want to do this project outside or in a well ventilated area because of the spray paint fumes and paint fumes as well as the fumes from the mod podge) 

Once your bird house is dry, you are going to top coat your bird house all over with another layer of mod podge. Don't worry.. mod podge dries clear.. and leaves a nice shinny coat. 

(My bird house didn't have a long wooden rod at the top, so I took off the wooden rod and replaced it with another one I had here in my studio)  If you would like your bird house on a wooden poll, you can use a thick 2 or 3 inch dowel rod and strong glue to hold into place at the bottom. 

Enjoy the birds as they flock to your own bird house... 

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