Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making T-Shirt Prints

Have you seen some of those very costly t-shirts that you would love to have 10 of, but the cost per each is out of your budget.. why not make your own adorable t-shirts at home with the use of just 7 items.

Supply List:

T-shirts (all white cotton is the best to use for this project) 
Sewing machine
Crafter's Photo Fabric
Ink Jet Printer  
Tape and craft paper

I had never used "Crafter's Photo Fabric" which you can pick up at Joann Fabrics. But as with anything new I purchase, it's trial and error before I post to my blog all the "what if's" and iron out all the errors.
I must say, this stuff is AWESOME.. not only can you use this in your printer, but you can as well print, peel and sew as the package states. 

(I used craft paper and tape to hold down the photo fabric, prior to sending it through my printer.)

The idea's are endless with Photo Fabric... 

What I did was go to my Microsoft word and type out what I wanted on my Photo Fabric, then I as well added the little stork. I wanted my design to be black and white, but you can do color ink as well on your printer. 

After you have printed out your own design, have the font you would like to use and have are ready to print.  Click print image from your own computer, this is where you can select black and white ink, or color or both. Print out your design, allow your design to dry for 15 minutes, peel paper backing away. Rinse for 30 seconds under running water, or until the water runs clear. Place wet photo fabric on a towel to dry and blot with towel, if needed iron out the wrinkles on your photo fabric. 

I clipped out a piece of fabric (smaller then the photo fabric image) and then centered it under the fabric (shown in the picture above) 
Take out your sewing machine and do a zig zag stitch inside the photo fabric and then outside along the edge of your selected fabric. 

If you wanted to, you could use your photo fabric for images of your children, vacation pictures, add words, changed the fonts, do all sort of creative things with your photo fabric. (just make sure to follow the standard instructions which are provided) 

If you would like to be very savvy, you could use photo fabric to create a very unique pillow, blanket, purse and more.. the idea's are endless. 

If you need a bunch of white t-shirts, head to your local goodwill store and pick up some on half day off. I have a feeling, once you start this project you will be using photo fabric on many things..

                                I made all of these in just a couple of hours as Gifts last year for those who I knew had new babies. They are really cute laid out in a white box with tissue paper and a small gift card.

Happy Crafting 

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