Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Curb Side Shopping, is another name for....

Curb Side Shopping... Oh the days of hearing the rolling laughter from the back seat of the SUV.. Giggles were all over the car and the memories, priceless. Fast forward today, I now have a teenager at home and the last thing she would like to do is curb side shop.. It's so embarrassing "MOTHER".. I might run into someone I know, my daughter tells me... !!

I have taken almost all of my 7 children with me curb side shopping.. Oh the treasures one can find. 
Here is some pictures of last years finds..

Super nice metal table, just needed a new paint job.
Super Nice wooden table, just needed new stain.

For those who do not know, "Curb Side Shopping" is where you find hidden treasures and things other people dis-guard by the road side.. Unwanted, no longer needed and just waiting to be picked up and taken home.  

I found this chair last year.. unreal someone would just toss out a wooden chair by the road.. This ended up sanded and a new fresh coat of stain was given to this chair.

I have a huge collection now of these big heavy duty flower pots. I spray painted this one white then touched it back up with sky blue. It's still sitting on my front porch. 

With each piece I collect by "Curb Side Shopping" I feel like I am helping my community by keeping these treasures from ending up in our landfills. Some of the items have no business just being burned. 

6 Chairs found by the side of the road. I washed and cleaned them up and gave each one a new coat of paint. These are the heavy duty chairs that can lay all the way back/down. I don't even think they actually make these types of lawn chairs anymore.. But there was no way I was going to allow all of these chairs to go to our local landfill.. 

Why would anyone toss this out by the curb.. my heavens. I just provided this little beauty with new stain and it's ready for a new home ..

Most of the items I collected last year, found new homes to go to. We had one massive giveaway day here and then found a local family that needed a few items. 

I saved these items from our local landfill.. When I leave it's dark, it's with a truck and I don't return home until the truck is full.. My husband, well, he gets very excited to see all the treasures I have found. We unload each piece off the truck and haul it to the back yard.. The next morning, I am up early washing, cleaning and scrubbing away all the pieces. 

Have you ever picked up anything by the curb in your area? If so, I would really like to know what you picked up, what you did with what you picked up. 

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