Monday, May 9, 2011

These are so addicting !!

I think it might be time to call someone, do they have a number to call for being a "Craft Addict" ? If they do, I need to set my phone to speed dial. 

I got this brilliant idea to start painting clothes pins last week while board, sitting watching it rain again.. Like my yard needs any more water..! Well, anyways. I had these clothes pins just laying around out on the covered porch in a pile. I wasn't real sure what to do with all of them, so I started with just one clothes pin and painted it.. well that turned out so cute, that I decided to do more and then more. If that was not bad enough, the addiction had a strong hold on me, so I drove over to the store and purchased, yes, you guessed it, more clothes pins.. (you can't see me, but I am rolling my eyes) 

(Above) Painted Clothes Pins

Victory Secret tissue paper below

(Above) Victoria Tissue Paper, turned out cute huh !

Then I used ribbon

(Above) this is actually ribbon I had laying around, cute huh
But wait, there is more.. 
Ohlala.. fabric on clothes pins.. how shabby chic. 

See the Lion decal above, so darn cute.. these are all painted a shimmery orange. 

I am telling you painting clothes pins is so addicting.. Once you do one, you will have to do another and another and soon you will be looking around your house to see what you can collect to put on each clothes pin. Or as in my case, drive over to your local store and purchase yet more clothes pins. 

Look at the little Giraffe, how adorable with orange drip dots. .. Ok, are you feeling my addiction yet.. 

Silver paint with black sea lions.. black dots that look like little gems. I am telling you I need that 1800 I have a craft addiction phone number. 

I figured these would look cute with a magnetic strip on the back. I could then use these to hang up photo's of the babies on my black refrigerator, or use them in my studio for notes on my magnetic board, or at home for a decorative clip for chips ( to close the bag all up) or in my studio for keeping all the mail together. 

I got to thinking that maybe these would be really cute at a baby shower. You know, those games we all love to play.. One could wear the decal clothes pin and then try to steal it away.. the one left wearing the clothes pin with the decal gets to claim the prize.. I guess my imagination is running a little wild, perhaps it was all the paint fumes, or glue I used.... 

Ok, so if  you would like to feel the addiction of painting clothes pins, here is what you need:
Supply list:
Clothes pins, better grab a few bags.. trust me you won't be able to do just one bag. 
Mod Podge 
Spray Paint 
or Finger Nail Polish, yes, finger nail polish is great to paint clothes pins with. 
Ribbon, fabric, tissue paper. 
Stickers can be purchased in the kids toy isle at Dollar General

Painted with 2 different colors of finger nail polish then topped with a clear coat of finger nail polish.

Spray paint adds a flair of Shabby Chic

Pink Tissue paper. Use Mod Podge first on clothes pin, add tissue paper, then cut excess tissue paper off. Allow to dry, then add another layer of Mod Podge and allow to dry. I used sand paper to give this set an old feel along the corners. 

Easy to do and so darn addicting... 


Suzanne said...

A birthday party ides - Too many years ago, I spray painted pins in two colors. When inserted in a balloon, they make a great bumblebee sound. After the din of the bumblebees was over, the kids popped their balloons to see which team they were on for balloon volleyball. I still have some of these pins to close chip bags to remind me of the old days - lol.

Baby Huggables said...

Hi Suzanne,
This is a super awesome idea. I love the fact that your idea served 2 purposes as well :)

After my post last night, I realized I could use my ink stamps and stamp the clothes pins as well. Did some of those this morning. Then I took it one step further, I used my wood tool and went over the imprint from the stamp, using my wood burner to emboss the stamp. Those turned out really cute.

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