Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Gift

We all want to provide a little something to our darling mother's, sisters, daughters, g-friends, co-workers for Mother's Day. Here is a little something that is very thoughtful to give and the children and grand children can help make each one.

First you are going to need a tall drinking mug, pick one out that is really cute and speaks volumes of Shabby Chic or something in a phrase that has special meaning.

 These mugs are simply beautiful !

Next on the list, potting soil. 
Make sure your potting soil is good quality. 

Next on the list, some really beautiful flowers of a mix variety. 

 Select a 4 of each flower to place into your coffee mug. 
So if you are doing several mugs, make sure you have enough flowers of each to go into his mug.

Add a bow to the handle, a little painted wooden flower and you have a super wonderful Mother's day gift that will bloom all summer long. (you can opt to use a basket, just make sure you cut some clear plastic to fit inside the basket prior to filling with your potting soil. This will ensure that the basket does not grow mold when watered. 

I had so much fun making these little flower pots. Get very creative in your selection of mugs, flowers and accessories you can add to your potted flower mug :) 

Here is just a very cute little pot I found that was just calling yellow flowers. The heart in the back ground is all wood and painted with some paint by hand, then a wooden rod is placed up inside the heart. 

Here is another tall mug I found, I just loved the little yellow chickens on the front and all the colored flowers. 

You can find mugs online, tag sales, thrift stores or even garage sales. Always be on the look out for the taller decorative mugs and grab a few to keep on hand. 

You can grab a few wooden hearts here in different sizes. 

If you run out of paint, or don't have any paint on hand to paint your heart.. Don't worry. I have a very good secret tip. (you can use your finger nail polish) just pour some out in a little plastic cup and grab a brush and start painting.  If you have paint on hand, spray paint your heart on one side, light pink or white, allow to almost dry, to where the paint on the heart is tacky.. and then use your finger nail polish to swirl into the spray paint.  This trick is what I used to create my Shabby Chic hearts that you see in the photo's above. Allow then to fully dry. Spray paint the other side of your heart and do the exact same as you did on the other side. 

Have fun creating your wonderful Shabby Chic Mugs.. 

These would make a super wonderful gift to give to any new mommy who is expecting, birthday's, baby showers.. the list is endless. You could even hang a package of new seeds off the wooden flower as well with a ribbon. 

Have fun crafting up your own Shabby Chic Flower Pot Mug :) 

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