Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I celebrate my mother; Marcia who has been a huge inspiration in my life from the moment of my birth..

I wasn't an easy child at the very start of life, I came into this world with a list of problems and issues, just to name a few, allergies to food and later in life to bee's (well all stinging bugs) which almost took my life for the second time.. The first was a massive arm injury that cut me from the elbow to the wrist of my (right) arm. My mother had no car, so she wrapped me up in a blanket and went knocking on the neighbors front door.. By the time the car had started and we were on the road to the hospital, I could hear her yelling at me in her lap to WAKE UP.. yes, I had lost so much blood that I was drifting off into that other form of life, we call Heaven !

I was a very busy and active child. By the time I was just 3, I was able to get out of the house and find my father's tractor in the garage, drag out all his tools and start the process of working on his tractor the way I had witnessed him so many times prior. On a Monday at 5am, the lights to the garage came on and my father found me covered in oil and his tools spread out all over the garage floor. At age "3" I had mastered how to fix his tractor. Oh, life you could say with me, was a true guessing game.

By the time I was "5" I could hang out on the backyard monkey bars all day in our back yard and do so many chin ups that none of the neighborhood boys could keep up with me. I did so many that I had a 6 pack and muscles the size of Popeye. I could run faster then anyone else and was always proud to show off this skill along side my brother who was older, taller and had much longer legs. My poor brother was always left in the dust... by me (tee-hee)

1967 (Me) age 5

I use to cut my hair all the time, in this photo, you can see the hack job I did on my bangs. I have another picture of the bo fon hair do in the 1st grade or 2nd grade I gave myself which is so darn funny.
Yes, in-case you are wondering, despite this is a black and white photo, I have very all natural blonde hair, almost snow white hair.

Happy Mothers Day Mother, for putting up with me for almost 49 years of my life.. It's never been a dull moment.. 

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