Saturday, May 28, 2011

My oldest Grandson Graduated from Kindergarten

My grandson Aaron

I simply can't believe my eyes, my heart cried.. My first born grandson; Aaron Lee graduated Kindergarten this past Friday.

What a joy to see his little face, so happy and so proud. "Oma" (me), was just as proud of his birth as his gleaming little face of accomplishments on his Kindergarten Graduation night.

Aaron is 6 years old. He will be 7 this November of 2011.

Aaron never received the chance to know his grandfather, he passed away when only 43, that was over 10 years ago.. ( you can read about this on my "about me" page) .. My daughter held back her tears behind her camera. If you have watched your own children grow up before your very eyes, you will understand the joy, sadness and love of the tears on any graduation day. I felt this same way watching my grandson on his graduation night from Kindergarten.

I am so proud of my first born grandson... missing teeth and all, his festive few of life, his colorful world around him, his smiles, his laughter, his idea's, strengths and his hugs and most of all, hearing the words, "I love You"..

I feel so blessed to have been able to watch my grandson this past Friday night, walk across the stage and sing songs, so proud, just so proud..


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