Friday, May 27, 2011

Vintage Paper Cards

When I found that old vintage book at the garage sale last weekend. I knew I could make several things out of the paper inside the book.. I adore vintage looking pieces and this card, it just screams vintage to me.. 

I used the same paper bird template, if you missed the vintage bird tutorial, it's ok, it will be listed under this post, or you can search for it. If you would like you can make your own bird pattern. I used black card stock paper, I cut out a piece of paper from the old book, cut it down to size and glued it on to the black card stock. I cut out my bird, sponged painted my bird with the same bronze craft paint and 2 wings. Allowed those to dry. I took a black marker and went around the bird, giving it the appearance it had tiny sew marks. I used a black brad, cut off the tips from behind and hot glued this as the birds eye. I used scrap book paper, to cut out two more wings, giving my bird fuller wings and hot glued in to place. The white stick was a sucker stick purchased long ago in a package at my local craft store, it's hot glued on the reverse side. I wined the red ribbon around the sucker stick using hot glue. Red ribbon for a bow, hot glued in place and used a 1 inch hole punch to go around the outside of the black card stock. 

I think this would be so adorable stuck inside a little planter as a gift, or you could always hot glue another lighter piece of card stock to the reverse and use this as an actual card to give to someone. This is the sort of card someone would want to keep out and look at once in awhile.. The bird is so shabby chic and it just really looks old and vintage. 

Nothing says I love you more then a hand made card... 

Enjoy crafting inside your own home or studio today..

Have a super Memorial weekend :) 

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