Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paper Wreath from an old vintage book

One vintage book, turned into a wonderful paper wreath. If you missed the paper bird tutorial, you can find it below to the right of the page. 

Yes, these are the same wings from the bird pattern that I have used to create this wonderful shabby chic wreath with. I used the same paint and the same birds. 

I think this would be so adorable hanging inside a babies nursery as a wall hanging. Or on the front door of a house. Very easy to make.. keep reading.. 

Remember when I purchased the dishes in the adorable round box, this was the cushion that protected those plates. If you don't have one of these laying around your house,.. please empty out a cereal box and create about a 12 inch circle. Once you have your circle, find something to mark your center with. I  used a smaller bowl and then traced around the bowl.  

Once you have this done, cut out that center piece you just made. Now you have an empty wreath. 

Cut out about 100 wings.. I painted my wings using the same bronze craft paint and allowed all the wings to dry. Once the wings are dry, get out your hot glue gun,, start in the center of the top and glue a layer going around the same direction as a clock. You are going to glue this first set with the tip of the wing closes to the center circle. Once you have a full layer of wings all the way around the center edge, do the next layer, laying one just above the other and glue in place with hot glue, all the way around again, just like you did with the first set of wings, do this three or four times, until your wreath is full. 

I used a sparky ribbon, and hot glued this ribbon in place, folding over the ribbon as I went all the way around the center of my wreath. Giving the ribbon a loop feel. Hold ribbon down and glue into place, fold over on top of the ribbon you just glued, then lay down and glue, fold up and glue, so it will go back and forth like this all the way around, When you get to the end, cut the ribbon leaving about 1/4 inch, fold under and glue and then lay on top of your last loop. 
I added a white bow as well here. Turn your wreath over and add the same ribbon, just glue in place. flip wreath back over and you can embellish how ever you wish.  

I added some of the same birds as prior used to make the paper birds, using the same bronze paint. I as well added beads for the  eyes, and little pearl wings. I as well added a little rose to the top of the white bow. 

Applying the bronze craft paint mixed with water, gives an aged feel to the paper and the shine is really beautiful. Talk about a craft project made with love and some time.

This wreath took me about 2.5 hours to make. I am still thinking of adding a mirror to the center of this wreath and hanging it in my studio.. The idea's you can do with this are endless. If you have any idea's, I would love to hear about them. 

Enjoy crafting inside your own home or studio today. 

Tomorrow, vintage paper cards.. 


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