Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to save money on cars, shoes, handbags and more...

How many times have you been watching your favorite TV program and seen a new car commercial? Maybe not for this Audi S5 (year 2009) at $51,400 which was the Hollywood stars car to have.. or perhaps something else of another make and  model.

Car commercials are like ads from Walmart, they are every where you turn.. Online, classified ads, print ads, TV ads, radio stations, stickers. Perhaps in your own community there are several dozen car dealerships.

These ads, they are very tempting are they not... They make us stop and think of what we have parked in our own driveway... The sleek paint job, the better gas millage, the engine speed, the glow of the tires as they move.. Now, that is just the outside appearance. Once inside.. oh, that new car smell, leather seats, tilt wheel and lets not forget how the seat molds to our rear ends, the stereo tunes playing.. and off we are in dream world.. before long we are driving past the dealership and then one day you just so happen to park your car and walk the lot, looking around.. The next thing you know, a man or lady steps along side you and introduces themselves and tries to help you find what you are looking for.... STOP.. !!

If you are looking for a new car... which we all have to have something to drive.. Lets look at someways to save some money.

Have a car, don't use your car to trade in.. those figures for your own car, just got rolled into the price of the new car you are buying.. Do you really think a car dealership is going to give money away to every single person who buys a car, nope, they would be out of business in a heart beat. What you are really getting is hidden fee's and terms that you are unaware of while going through the financial part of closing on your new car while at the car dealership. Always, sell your trade away from the dealership. You will have cold hard cash and save it for a rainy day.

New cars are "padded" with a cushion of negotiations for the sticker price, they have to be, other wise dealerships would not be able to send the salesperson up to the counter 5 times (which they tell you they are working on a super deal for you) when they return to the desk, well, my manager said he could take $500.00 off the new price.. that is the lowest he will go. STOP... if you are working a deal on a car.. This is normal for the salesperson to go to the manager (the tower) and confront the car dealership sales manager with your asking price.. But what you don't know.. this is all part of the act/plan to get you to buy the car you just test drove.. STOP.

Before you step inside the dealership... look around the corner on the lot, top sales people are allowed to drive the same cars that are sitting on the lots, they can't be sold as "new cars" but you can work a deal on these cars far better then the new car on the lot you just took a test drive in... which is more money back in your pocket :)

Search on line for the closest dealership and compare prices for the same car you are looking to purchase. Dealerships closest to major roads are going to have higher prices.. dealerships that are out a ways, will have lower prices, sometimes up to $2500.00 difference in the sticker price. If you run across the dealership website, print off the information concerning the car you are looking at buying. The more you know about the car you are buying, the better price you can obtain at the dealership. Look at the "blue book" value of the car you are buying. After all, you never want to pay more for a car then you have to.

Make a call to your insurance company to find out what your new coverage would cost you. After all, you have to take into account not just the price of the car, but the cost of maintaining the car, along with gas, tires, oil changes. This is a great time to hop online and check out the owners manual.. After all, you don't want a car that is going to cost you more money then you had planned on. It's always wise to look at the owners manual online

While online, search make, model and year complaints.. see if anyone is having issues. Check as well for the government ratings on safe cars. Buying a safer car, could cost you less for insurance.

Make a call to a few automotive repair shops, ask about the tune up cost, oil changes, breaks, things that can go out quickly on any car...

Now that you are educated on what it will cost to actually drive that car you saw on the commercial, you have in hand notes and what you know you can spend, what the car will cost you per month and a better guide for the sticker price. Now, you can walk on the lot and start the process of negotiations. Hold on, there is one last trick. Don't allow the salesperson to know you know all you do know, including the sticker price concerning the car you are hoping to buy.. go into the dealership, allow the sales person to go to the tower (3) times asking for a better deal.. when he or she returns the last time with the "best price". Now is the time you pull out the price of the same car from (happy lots) and show the price. It will be up to the sales person to return with back to the tower to inform the sales manager that you really want this deal that happy lots has listed. At this time, you are sitting 50/50 that the sales manager will not allow you to leave until he has in fact sold you the car on the lot for the bottom barrel price. You just saved yourself thousands of dollars.

Classy, stylish adorable, you have got to have them.. STOP.. Back up, lets do a little research online. Yes, you can probably find anything you need online and better deals, especially right now. Online retail stores are reducing the cost of merchandise online rather then inside retail stores, because they want you to return and purchase more. The retail online store might offer free shipments direct to your home. The online retail store might offer "special deals and perks" for being an online shopper rather then a store front customer.
This savings goes back to you and in your pocket. Which after all, is what you are wanting to do, save money. First, establish an account with the online retailer, easy to do and yes, sign up for the newsletter. Wait until you have received email confirmation concerning your new account, scout through that newsletter and see if there are any coupons.. (these are marked coupon: ie, xy249) save 30% upon check out. Wait and see if you as well receive a "welcome to our store email", scout this email for additional savings. Those shoes you saw while out shopping with girl friends that you wanted... well with a little effort online, you just saved almost 45% off and you pocket the savings. You can do the same with handbags, jewelry and clothing. So watch for those online deals and keep in mind, that after your purchase, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter :)

So you have saved money and would like to now go on a little get away.. what I refer to as a needed vaca.

STOP, lets search online for the best deals, the best gas prices (if you are driving) and or the best deals for air fair.. all can be done online.. STOP when it comes to booking a room online, or going combo with airfare and a room.. Here is a little tiny secret that you might not even be aware of, if you have a AAA card, you can save additional money off your room. As well, call the hotel to ask about pre reservation savings, yes, some but not all if booked way in advance will allow you to save money. And as well, if you arrive with out calling ahead, they have a room and you ask for the best price.. say $10.00 off the room per night, simply say ok, grab your bags and head towards the door.. This quick ditch on your part is called a "walk off" and the lady behind the desk will shout out a much lower offer to get you to stay. You just saved money off a room and ended up with a huge amount of savings back in your pocket..

Retail Shopping is something we all do from time to time. After all, we can't buy everything we need online and get our shopping fix :)

Here is how to save yourself money... so it's been awhile since you have been out shopping. STOP, before you head out the door, grab your Sunday paper with all the ads from all the major retail stores in your area, don't forget to scout online as well. If you find something you need, upon check out show the "manager" of the store the local ad from the other major retailer, chances are, that manager is going to match the price. Saving you money. Do this with every retail store you go into.. Remember, it never hurts to ask for a lower price savings.

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