Friday, June 3, 2011

From Drab to Fab in half an hour

I am sure you all have a few of these out around your house.. 

Here is an easy craft project sure to get the kid inside you going.. Or if you have children, gather them to help you for a half an hour.

Supply List:
Clothes Pins
Ink Pad
Hot Glue Gun

You can find clothes pins at discount stores in your area. 

Take out some aggression by removing the springs. It's easier if you twist the clothes pin, left to right.

Your stamp and ink can be of any color. I used black because it's what I had on hand. Check Goodwill prior to spending your hard earned cash on retail stores for ink and stamps and even clothes pins.

Stamp each clothes pin (on the flat side) random patterns of any kind

Using your glue gun (on the hottest setting) glue the placement on the glass candle jar and continue doing this until you are all the way around on the candle.

Add your ribbons and hot glue them on. This one will be used outside.

These make wonderful gifts to give and you can pick up glass jars at Goodwill and do the same with the glass jars. I must warn you, this craft can be addicting .. 

Try this craft with a half hour of time. If you have younger children helping with this craft (do not allow them to use the hot glue gun) but they will have so much fun doing the stamping on the clothes pins. Lay your clothes pins out on wax paper, the ink dries very quickly.

You may use this for personal use only, not for retail sales. 

Happy Crafting Today :)

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