Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wooden Blocks

 I happen to find these wooden blocks at my local GW store, purchased for just a dollar. They come in pairs.. so there are two of everything with the little animals on the front of each block. The back of the block has nothing on them at all. 

Each picture on the front of the block has the animals name on the bottom of the block. They are each about a 3 inch by 3 inch block of wood. The wood is a really nice wood, no splinters or anything of the sort. 

I am looking for idea's for something to do with these blocks.. if you have any idea's at all, please just leave me a comment below.. together we can come up with something to do with these little adorable blocks.. 

I look forward to reading the comments listed.  I have tried to think of something, can you believe it.. My brain is empty of idea's for these blocks.. and how to create a unique craft using these blocks.. 

Ok, let me hear you idea's.. 

Happy crafting inside your own home or studio today :) 

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