Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Garage Sale Finds

Well, guess I should of looked for a camera at the garage sales, since my broke over the weekend :( 

I have had the same cell phone camera for 5 years now, so I am thankful for the usage I did get out of my cell phone camera. I have a new cell phone, but the pictures that I take are just not the same quality as the old cell phone from Verizon that I have used over the prior 5 last years..

Shopping started early Saturday morning.. my kids left the house with one eye open and I know I heard them calling me names under their breath.. as they loaded up inside the car... I know it's getting much harder for my 13  year old to garage sale shop with me.. the journey has come to an end for us .. let me get a tissue as I wipe a tear from my eyes.. She has garage sale shopped along side me since birth.. but for now the teenage monster has come down out of know where and taken my little garage sale Diva away from me.. She will return one day but it won't be until way after high school.. so sad to know this, I knew it was coming as each one of my girls has gone through the same exact thing.. they get to be about 11.5 and the slipping starts, then they hit age 12 and they no longer find it really all that great to hang with the parents, then by the time 13 comes.. they will roll the eyes and stair at you for awhile.. thinking inside, my mother is a nut case..!!  By age 14, you are lucky if you even get a look, let alone a nice voice or share the car despite the fact it's going to the same darn place.. So, my teenager slept in the car in her pj's with the radio going.. while me and my youngest found all sort of goodies...

I found a super shabby chic dish set for 6, super cute. Got this for $3.00 cups included :)
I found more dishes as well, love it when I find good shabby chic dishes with no cracks, chips for really pennies on the dollar, makes the gas cost seem almost worth going out garage sale shopping in the first place.
I as well found a whole box of crafts, $3.00. New stamps, $1.00, mailing envelopes with bubble wrap inside for a whole stack $1.00, and vintage fabric, 5 yards of all this vintage fabric for $2.00

I would say this trip out was well worth the gas price.. I drive a big huge SUV .. I get 8 miles to the gallon. So I have to plan every turn and can't just drive around looking for signs... although I can scent out a sign hanging on a poll from 5 miles away... Good thing, the lord blessed me with that talent :)

Sorry, I have no way to post pictures.. we will just have to visualize here for the next few days....

What did you do this weekend ? 

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