Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shabby Chic Treasure Box

If you have a teenager at home, or a few spending the night. This is a super fun project to do. Or would make a wonderful gift to give to any new mommy. 

I found this plain wooden box at GW (Goodwill) for under $1.50 

Supply List:
Wooden Box (plain) 
Spray Paint
Finger Nail Polish
Mod Podge
Wooden Bead for knob or some other knob
Glue Gun
Fine grid sand paper

First, spray paint your box any color you would like. I used a light gloss of Ballet Slipper. Allow spray paint to almost dry.. where it's still a little tacky to the touch. Next I used a shimmer pink pearl finger nail polish and went over the corners and down the side, giving this box a feel of oldness. While that was drying. I took the wooden bead and put a layer of mod podge over it and covered it using the same tissue paper as the other prior projects. Allow this wooden bead to dry. 
I used a small bead of hot glue inside the frame and then laid my tiny pearls along this bead, go slowly as hot glue dries quickly. Once that is completed. I cut the tissue paper for the (see through door). I was lucky enough to find this box with a clear see through door on top that already had a plastic over lay. If you find a box with an open door, you can cut out a piece of card board, lay white printer paper over the card board and tape this white paper down. Then apply your tissue paper over the white paper. You can as well glue the white paper to the card board. I didn't glue my tissue paper down because later on, I might opt to change out the tissue paper. 

Hot glue your wooden bead on for the knob and seal this with clear finger nail polish or a fine thin coat of Mod Podge. Add your accessories to the top and complete with a bow. 

I spray painted the entire box inside and out. So if you opt to do this, you must allow everything to dry fully before you proceed to the next steps. After everything has been allowed to dry fully. Take your fine grid sand paper and go over the sides and corners on top, giving an old appearance and worn effect. 

This box would look really adorable on any dresser, filled with movie tickets, special date night memento's, prom night flowers, jewelery or smaller baby items. 

If you can't find this type of box, what you can do is head to the dollar store and pick up a wooden picture frame. Take the picture frame to GW (Goodwill) and find a box that will fit your picture frame. You will have to purchase small hinges as well to attach your picture frame to the top of the box. But you could achieve the same Shabby Chic Treasure Box by creating one from these separate items. 

Happy Crafting today :) 

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