Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adorable Glass Beaded Candle Holder

This adorable glass beaded candle holder was made by using a clear glass. Purchased at GW for 25 cents.
I had the glass beads in my studio. I think I purchased the whole bag at my local craft store for under $5.00

To create on of these adorable glass beaded candle holders. You will need a clear drinking glass, glass beads, glue gun and some time. 
Here is the reason for the glass beads.

The flickering of the candle shines right through the glass beads at night time. 

My glass drinking cup was large enough to drop a small glass candle inside. This way I don't have to mess with removing candle wax when the candle has burned all the way down. But if you opt not to slip in a smaller candle. Make sure you spray inside your glass, a thin layer of cooking spray (not the butter type) this will help remove the wax from the candle when the candle has burned to the bottom of the glass. 

I started in the center of the glass drinking cup and worked my way up and and around. You must use a very hot  glue gun for this project or opt to use glass glue. Other wise your beads will start to fall off.  I did not cover the base of my glass as you can see, because I wanted to be able to carry it and not have to wrap my hand around the beads.

This would make a wonderful gift to give to someone, or perhaps yourself...
You may use this project for yourself, but not for resale. 

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