Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vintage Apron in a Snap

Tag sales are great to shop around for Vintage pieces. I found this adorable single panel curtain for just a few dollars. I love shopping around for really unique pieces. It's my hidden addiction,  shhh, don't tell anyone. 

I am going to assume it was for a kitchen window, but I fell in love with all the flowers at the bottom. I just knew I had to have this and turn it into something really cute. 

Sorry for the blur.. my camera would not cooperate with me today. I folded the curtain in half and cut the top half off, leaving just the bottom half.

I added a one inch seam at the top part that was raw, and folded this over to make a nice seam. Leaving the ends open, so I can slide in ribbon on both sides.  Ops, did I mention I don't use straight pins when I sew. I eye ball everything when I sew. At this step, if you use straight pins, dig them out and use them. 

Isn't the piping trim along the bottom so adorable. So vintage, good thing I had ribbon that would match inside my studio. If not, white ribbon would of worked just as well. 

Ta Da.. a  Vintage Apron in a snap... So adorable. The ribbon that I used matched the trim along the bottom. Perfect match and this Vintage Apron turned out really adorable.  You could add a pocket if you wanted with the top piece that you cut off, I can still add the pocket if I want, which I might just do.. 
My wire dress form is leaning on me because of the yard.. I got this dress form for a super bargain as well.. for FREE.. Maybe she needs a new paint job... hum, well perhaps another day :)

I was at another tag sale last year and found a 5 gallon tote full of ribbon. I am not sure why anyone  didn't purchased all this ribbon,  but I was able to talk the man into selling me all the ribbon inside the 5 gallon tote plus the tote container for $5.00. Never hurts to ask... I donated about 200 spools and kept about 150 spools for myself.. all brand new might I add. 

This apron would make a very cute gift to give to anyone who just moved into a new house, or a hostess gift with a bottle of wine and a home made card. Or a birthday gift with a ribbon bow. 

While at the local Bakery, never be afraid to ask if you can purchase a single bakery box. 

Happy sewing and crafting today :) 

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