Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dining room hutch to Shabby Chic Desk

The photo below is not the actual piece of furniture I purchase, but similar to the piece I purchased. As I was unloading what I purchased, the top dropped to the ground and broke into several pieces- the photo below is to give you a mental picture so you can see what I have done.

When I look at furniture, I do not look at the flaws a piece may have. What I am actually looking for is how to turn the piece of furniture into something unique. The piece I purchased had been listed as a curio cabinet and under cupboard.

The furniture I purchased had solid sides and no glass. I was glad too because when the top part dropped off the back of the truck, it would of been a huge mess to clean up glass. The front legs on this cupboard are not the same as the piece that I did purchase. The legs on the original piece of furniture I purchased were the same in the front as the back. You can see below the original bottom piece, the legs, and the drawer.

When the top fell off, this is what the bottom ended up looking like. I filled the holes in the top where the top had been attached. I loved the legs on this piece too. Here you can see the actual legs. Ignore my painted rug. I use this rug outback to place all my furniture on to help absorb paint spillage.

Once all the holes were filled on top. I got to work with while chalk paint. I mixed my own chalk paint by using 2 cups of water, mark line on a container where the 2 cups come to (I used a black marker on the inside of my container) dump the 2 cups of water out in the sink. Use 3 TBS of cornstarch and add 1/4 cup of water and mix well. Now add 2 cups of desired paint back into your container to the 2 cup line. Stir well and you have DIY chalk paint. After I had painted the entire bottom piece with white chalk paint (allowing dry time). I mixed up 2 more containers of chalk paint in different colors of pink. I used both colors of pink chalk paint on the desk, allowing both to dry. Once the paint is fully dry, I used a brick out of my yard to score a diamond pattern to the desk drawer and to pull of the paint in some other areas. I used a fine sand paper on the corners and the legs.

I simply adore this new Shabby Chic desk with the pink crystal door pulls. The desk is 2 feet across the front and the back, 32 inches on each side, and stands 27.5 inches tall. Perfect for a nook area, entry area, or to be used as a makeup table in a young ladies room. It is the perfect desk height and the drawer is very roomy inside. A clear seal was used on top of the desk.

Below is a few more pieces I have had fun with!

This was a little stool and I thought it would be so cute with pink chalk paint and distressed. Its now a Shabby Chic plant stand. I used a stencil across the top and on the bottom shelf. I placed a clear coat of sealant over the entire plant stand.

Below is a plain old normal bar stool that I found at a garage sale. I mixed up some DIY chalk paint and got to work on this little bar stool. The finished product is another Shabby Chic plant stand.
I used the same brick out of my yard to pull the paint back off to expose the white of the legs through the paint. I used a stencil across the top of the stool. A little light sanding on the legs for a total distressed look, and this piece was complete. I thought this little stool turned out very adorable.

I wish you enjoyment today while painting!

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