Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vintage Apron

2 Shirts, 1 Skirt re-purposed into a Vintage Apron 

You probably have some older clothes hidden in the back of your closet that are really adorable, maybe too big or too small, out of style or perhaps you just can't bare to part with them. Here is a really cool re-purpose which will allow you to again wear these clothes. So now you can wear all those clothes that are either too small or too big and you just can't part with them or when you shop at Goodwill.

I just fell in love with the skirt and the shirt with ruffles. The size of the skirt and ruffled shirt was very small, too small for me but I couldn't resist the colors of spring. I snagged the aqua blue t-shirt from Goodwill  Despite I could not fit into these clothes, didn't mean I couldn't figure out a way to wear them ! 

I removed the zipper from the back of the skirt and measured the half way mark from (L) side to (R) side on my hips. I then cut the extra material away from the back of the skirt. The ruffled shirt (adorable). Both sleeves were totally removed and the entire back was cut away, leaving only the front of the shirt and the ruffles and the neck line. The top of the ruffled (new shirt) was then sewn into the the new skirt. The blue t-shirt serves as the belt. I cut the entire back of the t-shirt and made strips and sewed all the strips together until I had one long piece. I measured the half way mark to find the center on the ruffled shirt, and the new bottom portion of the skirt. Pin in place and sew across the top of the ban and across the bottom of the ban.  

I took a one inch seam around the sides of the skirt. Since the ruffled shirt had a neck already there was no need to use anymore of the aqua t-shirt to create a new neck tie. If your shirt does not have a neck line, you will have to use the front of a t-shirt to create a tie that matches the ban across the front. The skirt already has a hem so need to sew a new one unless the skirt is too long If this is the case, measure at knee length and cut the skirt at the measured length. 

Here it is, a new vintage apron that simply is adorable. Make some up for gifts to give to a neighbor or for your co-worker. I thought a really cute basket with a decorated recipe card, all the necessary items to make the recipe and a re-purposed apron would make a wonderful gift to give to anyone who loves to bake or is learning, or who just got married. 

If you are interested in purchasing this re-purposed vintage apron, please use the contact us link at the top of our blog. This re-purposed vintage apron will fit 120-190 pound and approx 5.6 inches tall. 

Please leave a comment for any questions or just to let me know what you think of this idea. I love reading! 

Happy Sewing ! 

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