Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy DIY Fence

My yard is a small postage stamp lawn and because of this, I did not want to spend a lot of money trying to keep people off of my yard while I grew new grass. 

Here is the awful mess by my walkway which created a huge mess of mud every single time it rained outside. 

My cheap solution:

These are bamboo stakes for plants sold at the local Walmart store for $3.49 for a big bundle. I used green twine to hold the stakes together; also sold at Walmart for $1.39 and this they will not fall over. 

Remove the bamboo plant stakes from package and insert into ground. Use the green twine to weave in and out of each plant stake to hold them all together. 

When finished, re-purpose and use for:
 plant stakes, or to hold up garage sale signs, make a kite, use to hold wind mills children make, or to hold up a bird house off the ground. Help your child craft up a raft and float it in a bucket of water or near by stream. The idea's are endless and the cost is so cheap. 

Enjoy crafting today !

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