Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Pacifier Holders

These are the best infant pacifier holders and stay put during the night. Easy to wash up after spit up and spills from bottles. The Sassy Passy can snap to high chair stroller, car seat, and easy to keep off the floor where many germs lurk. 

When I created the Sassy Passy Infant Holder I had infants in mind of using my product. Never realizing after pacifier use, this one product can convert to many other uses. One use is holding a blanket to the side of a stroller which helps keep the blanket off the ground. Can attach to car seat side for the same purpose. 

Mom's can also use Sassy Pacifier holder on the stroller to hold a purse while out shopping (just please use with caution) as stroller can tip if purse, grocery bag or anything else has a lot of weight. 

I love this couture Sassy Pacifier clip. This clip went to a Hollywood mom who had her second baby. 

 I used this buggy to hold all the items I made, see the Sassy Pacifier Clips dangling off the side. I sold so many of these to parents across the globe and at different craft events, and through my online store.

Lots of fabric choices !

This is my little granddaughter when she was just a infant, so adorable ! My granddaughter will be 5 in June of this year. How time passes by so quickly.

Products hold a patent pending ( do not copy or reproduce )

Until tomorrow, have a very blessed day !  

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