Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daddy and Me

I received some photos the other day, and to my surprise, was a photo from my childhood of my father and me. I am around seven years old in this photo. The boy in the purple shirt is my cousin Rick. I am not sure why Rick got the comfortable rocking chair and my father and me are sitting on a metal chair? My father is wearing the watch he received from his parents for his high school graduation. My father told me as we were looking at this photo, the watch was his favorite gift from his parents. My father's mother (my grandmother) passed away right after I was born. I only knew of her by photos, and my grandfather passed away when I was a younger woman. My father told me he was 28 years old in this photo. When I saw this photo, the missing mustache is the first thing I noticed different about my father. My father was everything to me when I was a little girl and still is to this day. 

My father came to town a year ago and we were able to spend time with one another.  My father moved away 15 years ago to a warmer climate. I miss being able to run over to his house still to this day. We do speak on the phone monthly, and keep in touch through email, however it is not the same as actually being able to give someone a huge hug :( 

I use to joke with my father about his "nerd pocket," every shirt he owned was equipped with all sort of writing pens and pencils, a hair comb, and at one point an extendable ruler. My father in this photo is 75 years of age and the last surviving member of his own family. My uncle Kenny (my fathers brother) passed away several years ago, Kenny's wife and their only son soon followed his death. 

Make the most of being with your family... time goes by so quickly!  

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