Thursday, April 24, 2014

Painted Angel

I saw this little angel and knew I had to have her right away! 

 She is made from a plaster mix and cement. She did not weigh a lot, but heavy enough for me to unload and carry around to the back of my house. I realized after I snapped this photo, I did not get her face but the opposite side. 

I mixed my own DIY chalk paint and since I wanted to ensure I was able to really give her wings a complete make over, using my hand, fingers and thumb seemed to be a great option. Since I am working with DIY chalk paint, the paint comes off really easy with a light scrub. 

Here she is with her knew coat of chalk paint. I even did her lips, toes, and provided just a hint of pink and white chalk paint to the outer rim of her wings. I thought she turned out darling... 

The little angel did not come with this stand, I found this stand at another tag sale. I combined the same chalk paint using a mixture of pink and white to go around all the edges of the stand, so they match. Ignore my painted rug, its where the work takes place to save my cement porch. 

I had this angel for a few days, prior to being sold for an upcoming Mother's Day gift. Lucky mom!

Enjoy painting, crafting, sewing today...

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