Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Beach Tote

Summer Beach Tote

Last night when I arrived to college our class found out the AC unit was broken. Since we are on the 3rd floor, you can imagine how hot it was. Because it was so hot our professor let us out earlier then normal. I could not wait to arrive home, crawl into bed and just relax in the AC and fall asleep.... 

Well.. when I arrived home, opened up the door to our house, I realized when I hit the heat that the AC unit at home was broken as well :(

This is the summer beach tote I whipped up today using vintage fabric. I love the fact that it will hold several towels, water bottle, book, cell phone, and keys. 

What else is a girl to do while waiting on the AC man to repair the AC unit. This tote did not take me long to whip up. About an hour from start to finish. 

I have a lot of card board boxes left over from the move. I used one of the side flaps to create this pattern. This way, I will have it to create more--the same size. 

Cut 2 pieces of fabric. My pattern is 20" (inches) wide by 17" (inches) tall. You could cut your card board to 20x20 inches or 17x17 inches so it's square. Half of 20 (inches) is 10 inches. This is the middle of the card board. This is where I set my soup bowl to make the curve in the card board. 

Cut 4 pieces of fabric, 2 pieces for the outside of your summer beach tote, 2 pieces for your inside. You can follow the rest of the directions here from Makeit-loveit. (click on link to see more photo's of how to finish this tote) 

**If you want a really thick summer tote, please use very thick fabric for the outside** 

Have fun sewing today ! 

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