Friday, June 22, 2012

Shopping Tote

Shopping Tote 

Here is a little tote I whipped up today using my favorite fabric. I use to have this fabric hanging up in the windows of my little boutique store in TN. The outside of the store had all sort of black dots on the outside of the house. Inside the little house was filled to the brim of all sort of little boutique goodies. 

I will have to take a better picture of this little shopping tote. Would be fun to take tag sale shopping, antique shopping. It's just the right size, not too big or too small. 

Here are a few pictures of my little boutique store in TN. 

This is my youngest daughter Kristina standing outside on the covered porch. She was about... 6 years old when this picture was taken. She will be a freshman this year and 15 in October. Wow, how the time goes by so quickly. 

See the little house, it's PINK... The inside was very tiny. Just enough room for all those goodies and deliciousness chocolates that I had shipped in from a wonderful chocolate company. I think I had a new sample every single day... 

Close up of the black dots on the side of the house. I had to special order these dots from a printing company in TN. Each dot came on a huge sheet and I had to peel each each dot off of the sheet and manually adhere them to the side of the house. I had to smooth out all the tiny little bubbles too.  

I had this vision inside my head of a little PINK house with black polka dots on the outside and everything inside really adorable. Not how the inside turned out.. because it was stuffed full to the brim inside.. but still I was very proud of this little store. 

Here is from a little distance of all the black polka dots on the outside. I thought the outside turned out really adorable.. 

 I do not have any pictures from inside the store. Not after it was completed. Here is one picture I dug up of the start of the construction from the inside. 

The little house use to be a beauty shop. All the hair stations were up next to the wall where the white pipe is (on the right) 
The new front door is laying on the floor. Found at Lowes on clearance outside for $40.00. Was not a thing wrong with this door either. Believe it or not, this little house had one very tiny little bathroom. I decked it out in a purse theme.. 

Fun returning down memory lane all because of a shopping tote with the fabric that hung inside both of these little windows.. 

Enjoy crafting and your memories ! 

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