Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Packing tape uses

Designer Duck Tape

I came across this designer Duck Tape in my stash of crafts earlier last week. WOW, why was this not around sooner. I could think of a million uses for the diva designs I come up with.

I happen to be very fond of this print... so much so I was thinking this would look adorable inside a white picture frame. A million uses for one single role of tape. 

I decided to give my water bottle a new look. Easy to do, just peel off the water label and use designer duck tape in it's place. 

I was looking at my old nasty car... would take a lot of designer duck tape to give it a new look. Just kidding. Wonder if anyone has used designer duck tape to give a car a new look. I must look that up on Google for sure. 

You can purchase designer duck tape at your local hardware store or Walmart. I think I picked up my roll at Walmart on "Clearance" for 2 bucks about 8 months ago. Must of been when I was getting ready to move and thought I could use this tape for my personal effects in my bedroom. 

Enjoy crafting today inside your own home !

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